our trainers

Over 12 certified professionals


We provide INDIVIDUAL FITNESS INSTRUCTION from the most knowledgeable and creative personal trainers in the business. These skillful, caring professionals know how to create effective exercise programs to address specific client needs and goals.

  • Debora Morris, CPT
    Founder and Principal
    Certification: ACE, NASM
    Experience: 24 Years
    Education: BA Psychology
    MS Exercise Physiology
  • Bruno Acanfora, CPT
    Certification: ACE
    Experience: 15Years
    Education:  B.S. in Kinesiology
  • Mike Carelly, CPT
    Certification: ACE
    Experience: 21 years
    Education: BA
  • Ellen Flaxman, CPT
    Certification: ACE,  AEA 
    Experience: 24 Years
    Education: MS – Exercise Science
  • Helane Hurwith, CPT
    Certification: NASM
    Experience: 24 Years
    Education: B.S. – Psychology
    MBA – Systems
    M. Sc. – Exercise Physiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Dave Kwiecinski, CPT
    Certification:ACE, AFAA, ACTION
    Experience:10 years
    Education:BS, MS in Clinical Exercise Physiology (in progress)
  • Annette Loquercio,  MS
    Certification:Certified Structural Therapist
    Experience:18 years
    Education: MS Exercise Physiology
  • Linda Meyer, CPT
    Certification: NASM
    Experience: 20 Years
    Education: B.S.
  • Beverly Pines, CPT
    Certification: NASM
    Experience: 20 Years
    Education: BA Community Health 
  • Doug Raffel, CPT
    Certification: ACE
    Experience: 29 years
    Education: B.S. in Recreation Administration
  • Phyllis Theodoropoulos, CPT
    Certification: ISSA
    Experience: 3 years
  • Susan Thomson, CPT
    Certification: NASM CPT, Corrective Exercise Specialist
    Experience: 10 years
    Education: BS and MS Education 
  • Keri-Werner-200

    Keri Werner, CPT
    Certification: ACE
    Experience: 22 Years
    Education: BA Psychology
    MS Applied Physiology
  • Lisa Wolf, CPT
    Certification: ACE, AFFA, NASM, ACSM, Zumba, certified massage therapist
    Experience: 23 years
    Education: BA


  • An in depth understanding of physiology and kinesiology
  • Current on developments in sports medicine, and nutritional sciences
  • An experiential base of analytic skills necessary to observe a client’s postural configuration at rest and in motion
  • Includes PhD level in Physical therapy, MS level in kinesiology and physiology
  • Over 12 professionals with a mix of training and background that fosters cross pollination of skills and expertise resulting in a synergy that is exceptional
  • All are trained in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Automated External Defibrillators (AED)